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Post  Post subject: Priming compounds for small arms.  |  Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 2:54 pm
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Here is a list I found. I take no credit for recipes below.

Under no circumstances should you try to actually make priming compounds, sounds like a good way to lose body parts.

Priming compounds
Taken from "Chemical Analysis of Firearms and Gunshot Residue"
By James Smyth Wallace
Edition: illustrated
Published by CRC Press, 2008
ISBN 1420069667, 9781420069662
291 pages

Basic Lead Styphnate 40
Barium Nitrate 42
Antimony sulfide 11
nitrocellulose 6
tetracene 1

1935 lead azide mixture:
lead azide 12
barium nitrate 23
antimony sulfide 20
calcium silicide 10
lead dioxide 20
lead thiocyanate 12

30-40 Krag primer (H-48)
Potassium Chlorate 49.6
Antimony sulfide 25.1
sulfur 8.7
glass powder 16.6

Frankford Arsenal FH-42 (WW1)
Potassium Chlorate 47.2
Antimony Sulfide 30.83
Sulfur 21.97

WRA 35-NF (FA-70)
Potassium chlorate 53
Antimony sulfide 17
Lead thiocyanate 25

NRA (USCC .22 Rimfire)
Potassium Chlorate 41.43
Antimony Sulfide 9.53
Copper Thiocyanate 4.70
Ground Glass 44.23

NCNM (early)
Copper ammonium nitrate 30-40%
Potassium Nitrate 42-25%
Sulfur 10-7%
Aluminum 18-28%

1949 Patent
Normal lead styphnate has one lead
atom per formula unit, wheras the
basic form has two.

Basic Lead styphnate 40
barium nitrate 42
antimony sulfide 11
nitrocellulose 6
tetracene 1

P-4 primer (FA675)

stabilized read phosphorous 18
Barium nitrate 82

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